Urban Water Sources

Water Quality Risk

Source Watershed Conservation Solutions

The following metrics explore the potential to improve water quality through specific conservation activities. The values represent the number of hectares needed to achieve a 10% improvement in water quality. Lower values (displayed on the right) represent greater opportunity because a smaller area is needed to achieve the targeted change.

Flood Mitigation

Riverine Flood Mitigation

Watershed Response Sensitivity

Five physical watershed characteristics that represent a watershed’s natural propensity to respond to investments in natural infrastructure.

Scope of Intervention

Six indicators that represent availability of restoration and preservation activities that mitigate flooding

Stormwater Flood Mitigation

Stormwater Flood Mitigation Opportunity Index

This represents an index comprised of five indicators (comprising both stormwater risk and mitigation opportunity) to assess where natural infrastructure could be most readily sited and effective in mitigating stormwater flooding for each city.

Stormwater Flood Risk
Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure Interventions

References: Please refer to the Works Cited section in the main text

Regional Comparison

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